Congratulations to this week’s Top Knowledge Editor – Dr. Kenny Chuu

Thanks all those helping millions on HealthTap, and a special thank you to Dr. Kenny Chuu whose efforts have helped the most people this week.

He is “In the Spotlight” of all doctors’ home pages this week with a featured mention in our weekly newsletter this Saturday going to the entire Medical Expert Network.

Congratulations to our top 10 Top Knowledge Editors for helping the most people this week:

1stDr. Kenny Chuu
2ndDr. Richard Zimon
3rdDr. Sewa Legha
4thDr. Philip Alford
5thDr. Philip Miller
6thDr. Daniel Murai
7thDr. Franklyn Gergits
8thDr. Mark Ryerson
9thDr. William Simon
and tied for10thDr. Sandra Eleczko and Dr. Gloriosa Antiporda

Missed last week’s competition? Check out past winners here.

Complete in this week’s competition by sharing your knowledge before Sunday, December 31 at 11:59pm PT. You have the chance to be a Top Knowledge Editor each week – it’s your chance to win next week! Each week’s competition runs Monday through Sunday.

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