Each Monday we celebrate doctors who are helping millions by sharing their knowledge of medicine.

Congratulations to Dr. Susan Rhoads who is this week’s Top Knowledge Editor!

In recognition of her efforts, Dr. Rhoads will be featured in our weekly newsletter this Saturday going to all doctors and will also display in the “In the Spotlight” section of Concierge doctors’ home pages this week.

And here is the full list of our top 10 Top Knowledge Editors for the week. Congratulations to these doctors for helping the most people this week!

1st: Dr. Susan Rhoads
2nd: Dr. Richard Zimon
3rd: Dr. Navita Modi
4th: Dr. Damian Salerno
5th: Dr. Ankush Bansal
6th: Dr. Daniel Beckles
7th: Dr. Zachary Veres
8th: Dr. Gregory Lewis
9th: Dr. Jo ann Cohen
10th: Dr. Amy Levin

Missed last week’s competition? You can compete in this week’s competition by sharing your knowledge before November 12 at 11:59pm. We are running this Top Knowledge Editor competition on a weekly basis and it can be your chance to win next week! Each week’s competition will run from Monday through Sunday.

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